Top 3 Stick Vacuum Cleaners

Stick vacuum cleaners are practical and gives one the freedom to clean the house in a breeze. They are very convenient to use and are quite portable and maneuverable and will give you a superior cleaning performance. There are so many stick vacuum cleaners in the market and if you are trying to analyze the top three stick vacuum cleaners so that you can decide on buying one for yourself, then here it is. During the past year I was able to test many of the top rated vacuums. Countless hours of research have developed the in depth vacuum cleaner reviews that support this list of the top three stick vacs.

Top three stick vacuum cleaners:

  • Hoover Cordless Vacuum Cleaner: This is the most popular amongst all the stick vacuum cleaners. It is quite powerful, lightweight and is specially designed for cleaning efficiently. The design is cordless and bag-less and has an innovative system for filtration. Also, it has bristles which help in cleaning up the edges along with intuitive controls. With a powerful battery, the floors and carpets will be cleaned with strong suction. The nozzle is quite big and it will help in picking up crumbs and trash from the floors. The cleaning and maintaining of this vacuum cleaner is quite easy as it used the Wind tunnel technology. It comes with a warranty of two years.
  • Electrolux Stick Vacuum: This vacuum will give you a combination of design which is ultra modern along with great advanced features. The design is compact and the cleaning performance is efficient. It is lightweight and has a body that is streamlined and will occupy very less space in your house. Also, it is very easy to store this cleaner. It is available in various appealing colours like yellow, pastel green, steel etc. Another important feature of this cleaner is that it has a nozzle which is flexible and will clean places that are hard to reach. So, you would be able to clean below the furniture too because of the LED light which will make it easier for you to see and clean.
  • Bissel PowerEdge Stick Cleaner for Pet Hard Floors: These work really well for routing cleaning up of floors, especially if you have pets. The pet hair can become very difficult to pick up and this cleaner works very efficiently for those kinds of cleaning. There is a v-shaped design on the bumper which will be very useful in cleaning up furniture and tight spaces. It is quite lightweight and will help in cleaning up all kinds of flooring with bare surfaces. You can easily carry this appliance from one place to another. There are other user friendly features such as swivel head, empty cup and also a power motor. The motor with the powerful suction technology makes it easy to capture fur and will be ideal choice for homes which have pets. And, the best thing is that it is quite affordable too.

There are many more good quality stick vacuum cleaners available in the market. But for the purpose of this article, we covered only the top three stick vacuum cleaners. Thanks for reading it and hope you found it interesting and useful.